The Workbook

The Build Your Practice Workbook [is just about complete] is available in a printed, spiral bound version or for those who cant wait for Australia Post to deliver the hardcopy, you can access it immediately via download.

The Workbook encapsulates all the information you need to get yourself 'sorted' so that you can launch yourself into the world of being a self-employed, successful allied health professional.

The Workbook outlines the steps you need to take to set yourself up as a going concern. It will take you, step by simple step, through the thinking and the physical processes of developing clarity around what you do, and teach you how to share that message to the world so that you can draw in the clients who are just that right fit for you - and that will feel good all around.

The Build Your Practice Workbook takes all the stress out of setting up your business, and teaches you how to create a truly personal and fully customised plan, that will take you from wherever you are right now, to precisely where you want to go. 

The book will explain how to develop programs and packages that will help you support your clients, so that rather than being a salesperson, you can get the business management and money stuff out of the way, and focus in on what you are REALLY good at, which is delivering your particular brand of change work. 

What else is covered? Among other things;

  • Logos
  • Pricing
  • Creating Packages
  • Developing Programs
  • Websites
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Managing Social Media
  • Identifying your Ideal Client
  • Insurance, Super, and so much more....

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