There are three levels of coaching support available, and you can choose which will best suit your needs. The tiered options are;

  1. The Grounding Program
  2. The Growth Program
  3. The Complete Transformation Program

The Grounding Coaching Program is introductory in nature. It is a 30 Day online program, in which you receive daily contact direct to your inbox. This program is ideal for you if you just want to stick your toe in, or if you are working on a shoe-string but still want some connection and support. 

The Growth Coaching Program is our intermediate coaching program. It is a mix of face to face online sessions along with educational sessions that will expand your knowledge and capability to run your practice successfully. The Growth Program is delivered over a 3 month time frame, and provides a lovely balance of learning, support and accountability for Therapists who are 'doing it' on their own.

The Complete Transformation Program is our more advanced program and it delivers excellent value. There is more face to face coaching time, and the sessions are laser focussed. You'll find with the Complete Transformation Coaching Program, that it's a bit like having someone in your corner who really knows who you are, and exactly what your business is about. This is a 6 month program that is fully customised to you and your business. 

Learn what you need to know, discover just how simple it is when you have a plan, and ensure you have the support you need, to follow through and get to your end point; the point of satisfaction, complete, contentment.