Supervision for Practitioners

January 22, 2018


Some good articles here on professional supervision for practitioners that you may find of interest;

Counselling and Therapy Supervision: In the interests of both clients and practitioners, most professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy require members to incorporate supervision into their clinical practice. Dr Greg Mulhauser Editor, Counselling Resource Mental Health Library

The Philsophy of Supervision for Hypnotherapists: providing an opportunity for in-depth professional development so that skills, knowledge and confidence are heightened in the supervisee, thus translating into better outcomes for clients. Gwendoline Ford AHA Member and Supervisor

If you are seeking a professional supervisor who is recognised by the Australian Counselling Association or the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (or both) then, I may be able to assist.  

I am also offering a special program in the new year that will incorporate business coaching, personal change work and supervision hours. If this is of interest to you please contact me personally to discuss if this is the right thing for you.