Google Ads - The How and Why You Should Use Them

April 02, 2018


Google Ads, Adwords and the Benefits for Your Business

The world has become a global village and any service or business can be easily accessed on the internet with the right links. Health professionals; counsellors; kinesiologists; coaches; psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, in fact anyone who knows how to put pen to paper and cares to share for public consumption, can post on the internet daily, and this gives a wide range of information to sift from for the curious client.Search engines are optimized to sort any articles you write and will rank them based on signals which can be properly inserted in articles to improve ranking and give that article all the traffic that is needed.

Google Ads is an official Google product that is basically advertising. It involves the use of the Google Keyword planner tool that is essential for Keyword research and also an Adword campaign tool for your business promotion.

Keyword research is the process of searching for words which have high search volume in a month. The aim is to discover the keywords that are frequently used by your clients – the search words that have little ‘competition’ so to speak. Using Keyword Research for your blog posts and site content will increase your online presence, so its a simple but important tool for small business owners.

First, you need to have a Google Adwords account, which is totally free to use and can be obtained from the google play store. The tool only needs you to input the targeted keyword and it brings out a database of information on the frequency of use and also helps you decide the right keyword for your niche. The next step is to enter your particular services and find the best word with high traffic and low competition. A broad search is advised for writing personal blogs, as it is not limiting and allows long-tail keywords to be targeted.

The tool does not only create an AdWord campaign that is directed to seekers of your product or service, it helps you to rank high in search engines and keeps track of your business progress. Obviously this is a useful solution if you are wanting to do comparisons and need to consider potential competitors.

Google Adwords is very flexible and has extensions that can help you display images and even relevant links to your site. Also, it gives you the opportunity to gather more information about your client base, for example their location, so it can enable you to communicate more effectively with your ideal clients. Additionally, Google AdWords can help to control advertising costs; you can budget your campaign and not go overboard on spending which as we all know is very important! Another impressive reason to use this tool for your business is because it gives more speed compared to the usual SEO and your business gains popularity faster than others who operate in the same industry. Google AdWords focuses you on people who want your service, which means you can refine your searches so that only those who need what you offer can see what you have on offer.

If you get your head around the steps to follow, Google Adwords can help you propel your message out into the world and ensure it reaches the right people.

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