As a Therapist You've Got to Own Your Space

May 04, 2017


Sometimes it is disheartening to see that there is a myriad of training colleges that are pumping out therapists like nobodys business. Not the good ones, they are doing a grand job - but there are a few questionable individuals out there who are promoting courses that are not quite as good as they could be - well thats the goss.... Do you think it's true?

Either way, given that you are here, and genuinely seeking to build a practice that will meet the needs of your clients, I would assume that you have undertaken, and continue to engage in training and professional development to support you in hitting the mark with your clients, so well done you!

 As a therapist, counsellor or natural health practitioner, I envisage that there will be a time when you have one of those weekend course trained people hang their shingle out somewhere in your vicinity, and the public will not know the difference at first glance between you and them. It is at this point that you might begin to question yourself, your decisions, or god forbid - what you do. If this should ever occur, (or should I say when this happens?) please oh please, hang tough.

There are always going to be people who do a training course of some kind as a way to grow personally with a view to doing it as a living, however, unless the heart is clear with this kind of work, they wont stay the distance. Even the lure of fast bucks, or high hourly rates as is the case with some therapies, the flash doth leave the pan and the light of interest peters out - so hang tough. 

It sounds simple, but if you ever find yourself in a flap about the sudden rush of new kinesiologists (or whatever it is that you do) into your suburb, area or township, it can be a real challenge to pull yourself into line. But do. Do pull yourself back into line, refocus on who you are, what you do, and why you do it. And yeah, I'm deadly serious about this; do not under any circumstances put your energy into what they are, or are not doing. With your sights set on where you are going, and who you are doing it with, your energy will fuel your path, so keep it there. Use the power of Coue's Law and imagine what you want - not what you don't. 

What you might like to do is draw a line in the sand so to speak. Do a special blog post, look at your ABOUT US or YOUR THERAPIST page on your website, and if it does not clearly highlight your training, knowledge, and experience - your strengths and excellence, then rewrite it. You know what you've got to offer, so put it out there and let the world know who you are and what you've got.

You already know that you are not going to be right for everyone and that is fine, but draw a line in the sand, hold your space, spruke your message. - and make it happen. The fly by nighters, the passing throughers, they will always come and go, but when you make a decision to hold tight and stay the distance in order to fulfil your vision, you will earn not only your own, but the respect and recognition of others too.