Karen Seinor facilitates Build Your Practice WorkshopsThe official blurb is this "Karen Seinor is the therapists coach. Running a successful hypnotherapy and counselling practice in regional Australia and having been in the allied health industry for over 20 years, she is well placed to guide you through the challenges of building a thriving practice".

That sounds very marketing like and quite official doesnt it?

It's true of course, but the real deal is that being a healer first and foremost I have struggled and bounced up against, and been swamped by the businessy side of being a therapist.

It's interesting that so many heart-driven creative people can feel so challenged by things like strategic planning, the linear processes that fill sales funnels and working out what the steps are to making a successful marketing program. In fact it can all feel quite complicated and very foreign (as well as boring and dry) and its not really what we want to do is it? 

"I want to spend my time working with clients to effect the change that is going to turn their lives around. And the more change work I do with them the better it feels". Does that sound familiar? Is it the sort of thing that you'd think or say? 

For a well trained, heart centred therapist, working with clients is the easy part. Learning, implementing and then reworking standard business concepts to fit the ethos and practicalities of running a health and wellness practice could be a great adventure, but most of the time it's an energy sapping, mind numbing and very expensive challenge, and frankly I don't think it should be.

Over the years I have spent a bazooka load of money on courses, mentors, specialist business coaching and I've even worked with mastermind experts to help me get the businessy stuff sorted for myself and it's worked, it genuinely has. I have a great business that funds my life and allows me to live according to my values and to fulfil my vision - and I love it.  But it's the challenges Ive faced in getting here, and my desire to see healing happen on a huge scale that has prompted me to develop the service offered by Your Therapy Business. Basically, I want it to be easier for you to get where you want to be. Faster and easier so that you can get down to the business of doing the healing work that you're meant to do.

Yes, I am a trained coach, counsellor, hypnotherapist etcetera, and yes I'm a member of the appropriate organisations. If you are looking for a sharp nosed, left brained, hard core business coach, please float on by. I am a therapist myself and this is the space I am coming from because I know what you are dealing with and what Im offering you is this - the tough stuff made easier, the complicated made simple.

Attending one of my Build Your Practice workshops, or engaging with me as your coach, you'll get support that will include how to's in a way that makes sense, so you can stop thinking about paying bills and getting more clients through the door, and just get on with doing the work that you do - healing hearts and minds in the way that you do it.  

What else? Well that'll be up to you, there are a few options, but inspiration, encouragement, support and a little ass kicking if its ever required are all part of the bargain. 

If you have any burning questions that this space does not answer for you, feel free to email me personally because it's me you will be working with.

Warmest regards,



Also a member of the ISDY, Online Wellness Network and Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce